gnssview daytime screenshot
gnssview nighttime screenshot
I thought it would be nice to have a GNSS satellite display program that showed the sky like you see it (sort of!) so I wrote gnssview. Some of its features are:
  • Communicates with the GNSS receiver via UDP multicast (this means you need to provide a program that multicasts  satellite positions)
  • Displays the tracks of satellites across the sky and signal strength.
  • It animates the position of the sun based on your location. An analytic sky model is used to produce a realistic-looking sky, based on the current position of the sun. When the sun goes down, an image of the night sky is used.
  • Looks best with a user-supplied 360 degree panoramic photo. I used hugin to make my panorama.
  • It moves. The view is a continuous pan across the panorama. Makes it look a bit more dynamic since the satellites move quite slowly.
  • There's a configuration file that allows you to play with many settings
  • It can power down the display at programmed times to save power and the monitor.
If you find a bug let me know. 
Download gnssview source code here. There are some instructions and setup hints in the README. Sorry, no binaries.

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