As you may deduce from these web pages, I have a professional interest in Time and Frequency, so you won't find anything too serious here because I do that stuff at work. I like recycling other people's code into my software projects; in that spirit, I hope that there's something here you find useful.

New stuff

MATLAB/Octave functions for Allan deviation etc. Get it from github.    
Last updated 2016-02-28
Open Traceable Time Platform
Open source hardware and software for traceable time and frequency  www.openttp.org 
Displays live NTP traffic on a map.  More ... 
Last updated 2014-08-19
Analog digital clock
Six microammeters and a Beaglebone Black. Kinda steampunkish. Kinda hard to read.  More ... 
Last updated 2014-12-13

lego ytterbium ion trap
LEGO ion trap
A linear Paul trap made out of non-UHV compatible LEGO. Not suitable for quantum computing.  More ... 
Last updated 2014-01-26

gnssview  displays the paths of GNSS satellites, live from a GNSS receiver, against a user-supplied panoramic view and animated sky.  More ... 
Last updated 2014-04-29
raspberry pi clock
rpiclock is a versatile time display program, intended for full-screen use on the Raspberry Pi. Shows all the fun time scales like GPS and Unix time.  More ... 
Last updated 2014-07-09

Old stuff

No old stuff yet.

Be nice. If you copy something, please give credit where it's due. Thank you.