Atomic physics lab

This model was inspired by some labs I have worked in. It might look crowded but real labs are even more cramped. It took about twenty Bricklink orders and maybe sixty hours to finish this model. Some elements were pulled apart many times as I played with the scale of things. If you click on a picture, you'll get the high resolution version (1 to 2 MB).
long shot of lab
Lab leader and students Lab leader and students. Busy long shot It's all students and postdocs on deck!
Lab leader helps out with leak Oops! There's a leak and the lab leader is helping out. Lab leader helps out with leak (side shot) Wheeling in a dewar of LN2.
Soldering Soldering station and venerable Tek scope. Student on ladder with cable Up the platform ladder, plugging in a cable.
Long shot from chamber end Another long shot. Close up of experiment chamber and student Tweaking a laser that just dropped lock.