Berkeley 60 inch cyclotron

This is the 60 inch cyclotron built and operated at UC Berkeley in the 1930's.
While I was in Berkeley for a plasma physics conference twenty-five years ago, I visited the Lawrence Hall of Science. One of Lawrence's prototype cyclotrons was on display there in all its brass and sealing wax glory. I thought of the cyclotron when I was looking for ideas for a new physics LEGO model and when I saw the photo of Lawrence's children sitting inside the 60 inch cyclotron I had the inspiration for the touch of whimsy that I wanted.
If you click on a picture, you'll get the high resolution version (1 to 4 MB).
You can download the LDR format model here.
front view of cyclotron Front view rear view of cyclotron Rear view
plan view of cyclotron Plan view plan view of cyclotron,tilted Plan view, tilted
left elevation view of cyclotron
Left elevation
right elevation view view of cyclotron
Right elevation
technical discussion
A technical discussion.
cyclotron detail
Detail, looking from left.
balloons Balloons for the kids! A totally appropriate use of the lab's helium! plan view of cyclotron,tilted Balloons for the kids!
detail Detail of RF feed, looking from front detail Detail of RF feed, looking from front