The ytterbium ion trap in LEGO

LEGO Design By Me ion trap box and model The model was designed with LEGO Digital Designer and then ordered online through the LEGO "Design By Me" service. This service allowed you to design a custom box and you also received a printed set of assembly instructions. When it arrived, I was really impressed with the quality of what LEGO had put together for a modest surcharge on the cost of the bricks. Alas, this service is no longer available.
Between the axial electrodes you can see a translucent blue cylinder - a cloud of 171Yb+ ions fluorescing at 369.5 nm. Action feature: the ion cloud moves! The red blocks are the copper end-electrodes and the grey box underneath the electrodes is the Yb oven and ionizer. You can download the model here. LEGO ion trap
ion trap The real ion trap in shiny 316 stainless steel. The crumpled foil structure under the electrodes is the Yb oven and ionizer - it's not quite as neat as in the LEGO model.