rpiclock displaying local time rpiclock displaying GPS time
Tardis image credit: jeayese

The Raspberry Pi is a convenient, inexpensive device for driving a HD display and I thought it would be fun to use one for a time display. So I wrote rpiclock (pronounced with a silent 'r').

It has a few interesting features, most of them configurable via a setup file:

There's also a context menu so you can experiment with settings (and quit when in full-screen mode).

There are no special tricks to make sure that the clock updates at the correct time - the software just uses a QTimer (usleep() at the bottom?) to wake up at the right time. The latency and jitter are a few milliseconds typically. It usually skips a second when loading a new image since this can be abit slow.

I've had rpiclock driving a wall-mounted Dell S2340L since May 2013. I fretted a bit about image burn in at first, but that doesn't seem to be happening; maybe the power save mode (it only runs during working hours) helps with that.

You may need to customise the layout of the graphics a bit if you have an alternate logo that you want to use. The logo I designed for is 300 by 228 pixels.

If you find a bug let me know.

Download rpiclock source code here. There are some instructions and setup hints in the README. Yup, no binaries.